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Become a Document Verification Service identity service provider

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Identity service provider - what does it mean for the Document Verification Service?

A Document Verification Service (DVS) identity service provider is a private organisation that does identity proofing on behalf of another organisation.

An identity service provider:

  • is doing business in Australia or New Zealand
  • provides evidence of identity verification services to their clients*
  • might already do identity proofing and want to add the DVS to their sources.

Examples of identity service providers include private organisations that provide:

  • pre-employment identity proofing services
  • legal services
  • conveyancing services.

Identity service providers have an indirect connection to the DVS, which means they connect through a gateway service provider.

*Identity service providers cannot pass DVS match results on to their clients. They do identity proofing through a range of sources, including the DVS.

Approved identity service providers

Please contact your gateway service provider for a list of approved Australian and New Zealand identity service providers.

Existing users

More information for existing users of the DVS is available on the DVS SharePoint User Portal that requires login access. Email the IDMS Manager to gain access to the portal.

Identity service provider application times

It usually takes:

  • one-two weeks for you to review the terms and conditions and arrange a contract with the chosen gateway
  • one-two weeks to set up a connection through a gateway service provider (subject to the provider's availability).

Gateway service provider costs

We charge gateway service providers on annual transaction volumes.

Your gateway service provider will charge you. If you have queries about these charges your gateway will be able to provide further clarity.

How to apply to be a DVS identity service provider

Follow the steps below.​


Please contact us if you have questions about applying.

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