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Protect your identity

Identity matters

Your identity is important. Individuals, businesses and government all have a role to play in building resilient and secure identities. In collaboration with state and territory governments, we have developed new webpages that provide a central point to access useful resources on protecting identities and responding to identity theft. This work is part of the Identity Resilience Education and Awareness initiative under the National Strategy for Identity Resilience.

 Simple steps to protect yourself from identity theft.

Your identity is important. Understanding how to protect your identity and what to do if you believe you are a victim of identity theft, is key to building resilient and secure identities. The resources and tools on this webpage will help you to keep your identity information safe and guide you on what you should do and where you should go if you become a victim of identity theft.

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Reduce the cost of identity theft – how to prevent losses to your business and protect your customers.

Identity theft can have direct costs to you and your business and result in lost trust and reputational damage with your customers. The resources and tools on this page will guide you on how to collect, store and dispose of identity information securely and responsibly, and help you to keep your business and customers safe from identity theft.