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Business user

Become a Document Verification Service business user

A business user is a private organisation, doing business in Australia or New Zealand, connected to the Document Verification Service (DVS) through a gateway service provider.

Note: Business users must connect through a gateway service provider.

Examples of business users

Examples of business users include:

  • rental hiring and real estate services
  • financial services.

If you are unsure if an organisation is operating as a business or government entity, please read the policy on DVS policy on government and private sector charging before applying.

Tailored connections

Business users can tailor their connection with their gateway service provider to suit their identity checking processes. Business users can also choose to use various means of processing identity information. For example, face-to-face as well as online, bulk ‘back-office’ or automated processing.

The Document Verification Service assists (not replace) existing identity proofing procedures. Organisations cannot use it as the sole basis for a decision to enrol or not enrol an individual for goods or services.

Existing users

More information for existing users of the Document Verification Service is available on the DVS SharePoint User Portal that requires login access. Email the DVS Manager to gain access to the portal.

Business user application times

It usually takes:

  • 1 to 2 weeks for completion of the business user application
  • 1 to 2 weeks to set up an indirect connection through a gateway service provider.

Gateway service provider costs

We charge gateway service providers on annual transaction volumes. Your gateway service provider charges you.

Please contact an approved gateway service providers to discuss costs.

How to apply to be a business user​​

Follow the steps below.

To become a business user you must:

Choose a gateway service provider and enter into an agreement with them. 

We cannot recommend a gateway service provider to you. You can contact us for help to understand the process.

Before you apply, please ensure that you have contacted your chosen gateway service provider. Once you have established an agreement, complete either the online application or the paper based application and send to In the title of the email, please include "DVS Registration Application".

Once submitted, you should have a formal application decision in one-two weeks. In this time your gateway service provider will also inform you if meet the criteria for access to the Document Verification Service. 

Contact us if you have any questions about applying or need help filling out your application form.

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