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Become a Document Verification Service Government User

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Government user - what does it mean for the Document Verification Service?

A Document Verification Service (DVS) government user is an Australian or New Zealand government organisation. New Zealand government organisations must submit a business user application and connect through a Gateway Service Provider.

Examples of government organisations that might use the DVS include:

  • local authorities, such as a city council
  • state authorities, such as a road transport authority or
  • federal authorities, such as a law enforcement agency.

The ABN lookup tool is a good place to start if you are unsure about your organisation's status.

To help explain the process for government organisations connecting to the DVS, you may wish to read the below fact sheet:

Protective Security P​​​olicy Framework (Word)

Protective Security Policy Framework (PDF)

Document Verification Service connection​

'Competitive neutrality' is a business rule that maintains a level playing field between public and private businesses. Your competative neutrality status determines how you connect to the DVS.

Government users subject to competitive neutrality can only connect through a gateway service provider.​

Government users that are not subject to competitive neutrality can set up a direct connection to the DVS, or they can choose to connect through a gateway service provider.

To help you make an assertion on competitive neutrality in your application, it's important that you read the DVS Policy on government and private sector charging [PDF 338KB]| DVS Policy on government and private sector charging [DOCX].

DVS government user application times

It usually takes:

  • one-two weeks for us to review and approve your application
  • one-two weeks to set up an indirect connection through a gateway service provider
  • three-six months to set up a direct connection.  

Gateway service provider application costs

GSP connection

We charge gateway service providers on annual transaction volumes. If you are a government user that is not subject to competitive neutrality, we don’t charge the gateway service provider for your transactions.

Your gateway service provider charges you.

Direct connection

There is a one-off connection fee for government users connecting directly to the DVS.

You can contact us to discuss your payment options. 

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How to apply to be a DVS government user​

Contact us if you have questions abo​ut applying to be a Government user.

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