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Gateway Service Provider user fee schedule

Gateway Service Provider - Terms and Conditions of Service v11 – August 2022

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 Gateway Service Provider Connection Fee

Businesses which establish a direct Information Communication Technology (ICT) connection to the Document Verification Service (DVS) will be acting as Gateway Service Providers (GSPs). They may be accessing the DVS on their behalf as an approved Business User, or in order to provide services to other Users.

GSPs will be charged $50,000 to link their systems to the DVS Hub infrastructure via Web Services, including test and ‘sandpit’ environments, testing processes and migration into the production environment. The connection fee includes an amount payable to current IT service providers together with Home Affairs internal costs. GSPs will be invoiced half of the connection fee on approval of their application and the remainder once a production certificate has been issued to them.

The price of a non-Web Services connection will be advised on a case-by-case basis. Where a GSP requires additional test support from Home Affairs and/or our IT service provider this may incur additional charges.

Transaction Fee

Transaction fees are payable by the party connecting directly to the DVS (i.e. GSPs). GSPs are invoiced monthly as per the below tiered structure. GSPs are charged based on the number of transactions they have accumulated that financial year. The count per transaction starts from July each year. Once the volume on the tiered structure is reached during that financial year the charge will be reduced and will be reflected on that month's invoice. The tiered structure covers a financial year with the charges being reset at the end of each financial year.

Number of TransactionsCharge per Transaction
< 1 million$0.70
> 1 million + 1$0.50
> 8 million + 1$0.40

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

GST will be levied on all DVS costs.


DVS prices will be reviewed annually.