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Become a Document Verification Service gateway service provider

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Gateway service provider - what does it mean for the Document Verification Service?

A Document Verification Service (DVS) gateway service provider is a private organisation that:

  • is conducting business in Australia or New Zealand
  • has a direct connection to the DVS, either for their own use or for other users.

Gateway service providers are responsible for:

  • advising the Department of Home Affairs of new applicants and reviewing applicants against the access policies
  • sending match requests and match results to and from the DVS for business and government users
  • making sure business and government users meet the terms and conditions of use.

Examples of gateway service providers include private organisations that provide:

  • information and telecommunications services
  • identity proofing services
  • legal services.

Gateway service provider application times

It usually takes:

  • one-two weeks for us to review and approve your application
  • three-six months for an organisation to build a direct connection.

Gateway service provider application costs

There is an up-front fee of AUD $25,000 to begin the connection process. Payment is due when we approve your application.

An additional fee of AUD $25,000 is due when we issue you with a production access certificate, for a total of AUD $50,000.

After you connect, we invoice you monthly on annual transaction volumes.

You charge your users directly, and pay us for each query (instance of use). Please see the below fee schedule for more information on gateway service provider billing:

DVS Gateway Service Provid​er - Fee Schedule [PDF 106KB]

Annual transaction volume Per query charge (AUD)
 < 1 million
> 1 million + 1$0.50
> 8 million + 1$0.40

DVS fees are reviewed annually and are subject to change.

How to apply to be a gateway service provider


Contact us if you have questions about applying.

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